By best-selling spiritual author Eric Pepin
Meditation Within Eternity - By Eric Pepin

Modern World Spirituality

Meditation Within Eternity was specially designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. It’s really an “all in one” meditation technique..

The modern mystic’s guide to gaining unlimited spiritual energy, accessing higher consciousness and meditation techniques for spiritual growth.

Eric Pepin

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“If you are looking for real, verifiable and tangible spiritual experiences, if you want to be on the biggest jam-packed, tantalizing, spiritual adventure of your life, it starts here – with “Meditations Within Eternity.”

Natalie D.

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“If you read just one spiritual book this year – this is it!”

Meditation Within Eternity - By Eric Pepin

“Meditation Within Eternity” is a journey into the heart of being spiritual in the modern world. Practical yet provocative, it pushes the limits of what spirituality is conceived to be. It is the extraordinary yet invisible aspect of the universe we have forgotten how to touch, hear and see.

This guide offers simple methods to gain unlimited spiritual energy – a forgotten resource and the reason why most seekers fail to truly grow spiritually. It also solves the missing link to accessing higher consciousness: the magnetic sense, or sixth sense, each of possesses. Following simple techniques and practical advice you will learn how it is possible to tap into the source code of reality.

“Meditation Within Eternity” provides easy, short meditation techniques for real spiritual growth. It serves a humble purpose – to give you the ability to experience spiritual awakening for yourself. To become one with the consciousness of the Universe.

6 Reasons to Read Meditation Within Eternity

1. Easiest Way to Meditate
This meditation was specially designed to give you maximum results with minimum effort. It’s really an “all-in-one” technique where one single action allows you to maximize your results.

2. Rake-in Spiritual Energy
The technique is direct and unmediated. It is a new meditation method method that you will not find anywhere else that allows you to absorb massive amounts of spiritual energy.

3. Feel Inner Peace and Serenity
Improve the flow of your energy, release your emotional blocks, and re-balance your energy body.

4. Unfold Deep Inner Experiences
Develop your sixth sense and inner powers to have direct, real spiritual experiences.

5. Learn to Sense, Feel and Affect Spiritual/Psychic/Metaphysical Energy
This energy controls, manipulates and directs you every day of your life and 99.9% of people have no idea they are being affected by it. Remove negative energy, and replace it with positive.

6. Develop your “Bubble of Personal Energy”
Multiply the synchronicities in your life (chance meetings, opportunities, luck), connect and communicate with your higher self, and find the source of that feeling that is calling you all by creating a perfect ‘magnetic’ bubble of higher energy.